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Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Surprise medical bills put patients, hospitals in a pinch

medical bills

Let’s say a patient visits a hospital or a large clinic, which he had chosen because it was listed in the network provided by the insurance company. Later, the patient gets a nasty surprise in the mail: a larger-than-expected bill for their care. It could be a few hundred dollars higher, or several thousand. In

A serious push to make medical billing patient friendly

medical billing patient friendly

Patient billing is a mess. At the very least, it is becoming much more common for patients who struggle to understand their bills and make medical billing patient friendly, all thanks to the proliferation of high-deductible healthcare plans. That’s why we are excited to see the Healthcare Financial Management Association continue to push the idea

Learn about laws, taxes that can impact utility prices

utility prices

Utility prices such as electricity and natural gas rates may vary across your state. This can be a source of frustration for your customers, especially if they are comparing rates between public and private utilities. According to an analysis by the New York Times, in 32 of 48 states, customers pay less for public utilities

Simple Tips to Manage Your Office’s Accounts Receivable

accounts receivable

Collecting past-due bills from your consumers is a procedure that requires precise action with a sure and deft hand. At the same time, listening to the consumer is key to finding the solution. Each step of the accounts receivable process is an opportunity to help a consumer overcome an inability to pay in full. After

Modernize your utilities collections with these tips

utilities collections

Utilities have long been regarded as part of a traditional and steady industry that is pretty set in its ways. But that doesn’t mean billing can’t evolve. Retooling your billing strategies with better utilities collections practices can decrease past-due accounts while raising customer satisfaction. Here are a few tips: Collect and maintain accurate customer data: When customers sign up for service, collect their

Boost Dental Revenues by Examining Your Revenue Cycle

boost dental revenues

Bringing in new patients is one way to boost dental revenues at your practice, but sometimes, simply paying closer attention to your various points in the revenue cycle can increase your monthly collections. You can boost the bottom line by fine-tuning these processes. Market to uninsured patients: Not everyone carries dental insurance, and not having this coverage is

How to Keep Your Accounts Receivable Knowledge Sharp

accounts receivable

Working in a billing office, it’s important to keep pace with your industry and take the time to update your skills. This is a smart move in any career, and it’s no different for those who work with accounts receivable. As the years and decades pass, you may see little change in the core principals of accounts receivable —

Vet Collections: Pets Are What They Eat

vet collections

Every long-time veterinary practice has its stories about what they’ve seen animals consume. There’s the tale of the Texas frog with a fondness for the ornamental rocks in his cage. He loved them so much he ate 30 of them. Then there’s the German shorthair pointer from Florida that somehow managed to ingest a shish

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