Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Credit Union and Bank Debt Collection Agency

A Debt Collection Agency That Understands Credit Unions and Banks

When selecting debt collection services, credit unions and banks — especially those needing assistance recovering credit card debt — have a lot to consider. It requires compliance with ever-changing regulations to avoid legal issues, ethical practices to preserve credibility, the ability to maintain scalability, security and more. It’s a lot to do without help, especially if you want it done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

To help your institution minimize losses and maintain a healthier loan portfolio, you need a recovery partner that helps your money stay where it belongs: with you.

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Efficient, Effective Credit Card Debt Collection

Credit card debt is a big part of a bank or credit unions’ loan portfolio. Making sure those debts get paid on time without defaulting is a big part of keeping your portfolio healthy. A credit card debt collection agency partner can help your bank or credit union mitigate financial loss and maintain health through specialized expertise, advanced technology and ethical processes.

IC Systems’ effective, ethical multi-channel approach to debt collection  uses a dynamic touchpoint system and automation to optimize odds of making contact.

  • Depending on consumer preference, they can be contacted via phone calls, letters, email, or text
  • Custom-designed call campaigns that target consumers at ideal times
  • Regular review of plan effectiveness by optimization-focused in-house analysts
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Flexible, Customizable Debt Collection for Credit Unions and Banks

Results will be immediate no matter which of our programs best fit your financial institution’s unique recovery needs. Getting set up takes less time than brewing a cup of coffee so why wait?

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The most effective debt collection services for any financial institution are ones that make recovery less stressful for your business and your customers.

Our ethical approach treats the customers you rely on well using an ethical multi-channel approach that’s been proven to recover more, faster. Let’s talk!

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