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Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Government Office Debt Collection Agency

We Understand the Complexities of Government Collections

Your government office needs third-party debt collection services that can deliver the results you need, regardless of your location. Whether you work for a small town, county, larger city, or state — only a nationally licensed government office debt collection agency can recover revenue no matter where your constituents might have moved.

Your government agency needs to collect unpaid taxes, fines, fees, and utilities — IC System can help make the collection process easier, faster and more effective.

A Leader in Government Collection

Recover more revenue with IC System’s experience in government office debt collection. Our government clients place a wide variety of account types with us — taxes, utilities, fines, ambulance, EMS charges, alarm fees, parking fees, traffic violations, damage claims, child support payments, school fees, and more.

All our representatives have superior knowledge of state and federal collection laws and regulations, as well as thorough training in the particulars of government debt collection.

Your organization also receives these advantages with our tools and resources:

  • Send debts automatically
  • Clean-up treatment strategy that revives inactive accounts
  • Cut down on time-wasting processes
  • Segment accounts to prioritize and maximizing revenue
  • Earn more from optional late-stage credit monitoring to stay up to date on probable ability to pay
  • IRS 1075 Compliance
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Competitive Pricing for Every Business

Our economical rates and customer-friendly approach make our debt collection services not only a powerful tool but also an effective way to maintain consumer satisfaction.

Your comprehensive pricing request will include the following:

  • No cost pricing quote for your IC System services
  • Materials to help streamline your accounts receivable
  • Demo of our Online Tools

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Not sure where to start? Looking to procure government collection services for your request for proposal (RFP)? Please fill out our form or call 1-800-279-3511 to learn more or request pricing.

Protecting FTI (Federal Tax Information)

Many government offices require debt collection agencies to follow Internal Revenue Service (IRS) standards for an FTI environment when handling state and federal taxpayer collection projects.

Publication 1075 from the IRS supplies tax information security guidelines for federal, state, and local agencies dealing with consumer information. IC System follows these safeguards and verifies compliance with IRC 6103(p)(4) requirements upon client request.

We maintain all the required “self-contained” systems, including computers, servers, programs, and physical locations to handle tax collection accounts within IRS security standards. Additionally, our government collection representatives must go through an extended FBI background check. These processes identify and mitigate any risk of loss, breach, or misuse of Federal Tax Information held by external government agencies.

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Unsure Where to Start?

IC System is a government office debt collection agency that has the size and experience to meet your needs with our advanced tools and innovative technologies, but we can also move fast and craft tailor-made solutions for you. Our government profit recovery services also feature several effective services and options, including online tools, credit reporting, non-litigation and litigation attorney referrals.

Discuss your needs with our team to get started in recovering past-due accounts as soon as possible.

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