Debt Collection Programs & Pricing

Debt Collection Programs Built For Your Business

IC System offers flexible and affordable debt collection services for businesses that need to quickly recover capital. Depending on your unique needs, you have three options: our two-stage Recovery Plus program, our low contingency InstiCollect, and our contingency collection Premier Collect plan. See how each debt collection program is proven to maintain customer relationships while keeping your money where it belongs–with you.

Recovery Plus

Recovery Plus is a diverse two-phase debt collection program with distinct letters-only and intensive collection treatments. During the letters-only phase, you keep 100% of the recovered money. Debt collection services are offered at a competitive flat rate.

  • Credit reporting*
  • Analytical modeling for maximum recoveries
  • Skip Tracing
  • Direct Letters

*Credit reporting available only on qualifying accounts

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Premier Collect

Premier Collect is a contingency collections plan ideal for offices seeking payment on past due accounts. The collection agency fees for this debt recovery program are contingency-based and adjustable based on your business needs.

  • Credit reporting to the major bureaus
  • Credit monitoring to notify us of an important change in the consumer’s credit status that may indicate an ability to pay
  • Attorney referral services in which payment demand contacts are made by an independent attorney
  • Litigation referral services if you decide to take a consumer to court

Unsure Where to Start?

Need help deciding which program is best for your situation? Not sure how debt collection costs will affect your company? We can help. Together, let’s assess your accounts, your budget and your goals for debt recovery and find the solution that’s right for you. Then, let’s earn back your money.

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Experience in Any Industry

No matter your industry, we can help recover the debt that’s slowing your company’s growth. Check out the industries we offer business debt collection services to, and if you don’t see yours, don’t be afraid to reach out—we’re happy to help find a solution that meets your needs.

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