IC System makes hygiene bags for charity

IC System’s in-house charity group, ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization), recently organized a volunteer event in our St. Paul home office in support of Joseph’s Coat. A local free store and community support organization, Joseph’s Coat supplies vital goods and services to individuals and families facing many life challenges. For the week of May 15-19, […]

ic system -echo - in the community

IC System recently celebrated the 35th Anniversary of our in-house philanthropic team, called ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization). ECHO volunteers coordinate and carry out our company’s charitable efforts both in the office and in the community throughout the year. Whether the charity is arranging a bloodmobile from the American Red Cross to visit the office […]

dental billing schedule

A dental billing schedule deserves a universal commitment from all staff who interact with patients. When patient balances are allowed to age, the practice has less cash to work with to cover expenses. A disciplined dental billing schedule for account receivables will maintain consistency throughout the office and prevent unnecessary delays from eroding profits. Begin […]

Mary Prendergast at Legislative Day

Healthcare is a major issue throughout the country right now, and the 2017 Legislative Day held May 1-2 on Capitol Hill provided a forum to discuss some of the prevalent issues. IC System experts in the healthcare industry, Paul Fitzpatrick and Mary Prendergast, attended the event held at the Hyatt Regency Washington and hosted by […]

accounts receivable days

There’s no greater asset to a business than accounts receivable days. Consider the dense weave of financial sources, from insurance payers to the federal government to individual patients. This is an asset that needs careful management or its value starts escaping, like the leak of a punctured balloon. For that reason, hospital managers are drilling […]

collection agency myths dispelled

Entrepreneurs of any size might be reluctant to turn to an accounts receivable partner for a host of reasons. Here are three myths about working with a third-party debt partner and how working with a reputable agency can boost your profits. 1. Debt collectors are only for extremely late bills. As your receivables age, the likelihood of recovering payment diminishes, […]

IC System was just featured on Dentist Money™, a podcast featured on DenistAdvisors.com. IC System’s own Bryan Campbell, our Business Development Manager for Inside Sales, recorded live with Dentist Money’s host Reese Harper at the Yankee Dental Congress 2017 tradeshow. Mr. Harper begins the dialogue with some common misconceptions about the collections industry, assuming that we […]


A faulty air conditioner during a heat wave or an undetected water leak are two things that can rack up hundreds of dollars on a utility customer’s monthly bill. These higher-than-expected utility bills can disrupt your customer’s budget, which can result in a delay in payment or even nonpayment. Whatever their financial situation may be, you […]


In the past, we’ve discussed the many benefits of getting your front desk staff into the habit of requesting upfront payments from patients. Taking this head-on rather than relying on a passive billing system can boost your revenues, and give patients the opportunity to address problems early. How do you put this into practice? One […]


Getting the insurance company to come to the table and actually negotiate physician reimbursement rates can feel like attempting to scale a 30-foot cement wall without equipment. This is especially true when the payer just tosses over a slate of rates that undercuts the value of your work. But it turns out if you accept the […]