Over the past decade, you may have noticed your patients are becoming much more aware and savvy when it comes to this aspect of their healthcare: what it says on the bill. More Americans do have health insurance, but they are also responsible for paying deductibles that can add up to several thousand dollars a year. That […]

dental offices

Obviously, no dentist would start drilling without consulting the patient. Yet, a patient caught unaware by a higher-than-expected bill can feel just as betrayed. In 2016, the average dental practice had $47,000 worth of accounts receivable at 90 days or greater, according to a study by Sikka Software. If these are patients that walked out the door […]

IC SYSTEM 80thYear logo

Throughout 2018, IC System will celebrate its 80th Anniversary. Ruth and Jack Erickson (picture below with the early IC System crew) founded IC System in 1938 on the guiding principle of giving their customers ethical, honest service. Eight decades and three generations of family ownership later, IC System is still devoted to our niche—being the […]

government data analytics

A recent report from the Pew Charitable Trusts highlighted ways to use government data analytics to inform decisions. Data provides a necessary measurement tool from which states can justify decisions, balance their budgets, and ensure their fiscal responsibility. Applying data-based metrics to better understand areas from spending to staffing has helped improve state decision making. […]

write off patient balances

Has a bill ever arrived in your mailbox with a balance so small, it was laughable? There are myriad reasons behind the balances on the books, which is why well-managed practices establish a hierarchy and create procedures. It’s important to bring clarity to which past-due accounts need pursuing, and when you should write off patient balances. Moreover, […]

contact unresponsive consumers

As a small business owner, it’s all about the personal relationships. You pride yourself on building a good rapport with your clients, while providing a superior service or product they can’t get anywhere else. So when it’s been more than a month and the client still hasn’t responded to the invoice you sent, it can […]

dental collection agency

When patients learn they need expensive cosmetic or restorative dental work, it can—if you’ll forgive the bad pun—leave a bad taste in their mouth, especially if costs reach hundreds or thousands of dollars. Then, when dentists take a hands-off approach to costs, leaving it all to the billing office, they might unintentionally come off as […]

Polar Plunge 2018-3

Upon the publication of this blog, temperatures around IC System’s home office in St. Paul, Minnesota, have averaged anywhere from 0° to 10°— often dropping below zero when you factor wind chill. Perhaps that’s why IC System has a particular admiration for our employees who participated in the 2018 Polar Plunge. Getting bundled up just […]

debt collection for small business

If you’re like many smart entrepreneurs, you’re keeping an eye on your online reputation. All it takes is a few strongly worded reviews to erode trust with your customers, and that can lead to lost business. When 81 percent of shoppers do online research before buying, giving the online review the old brush-off is not an option. […]


As states plan their budgets, many will find there are pros and cons to the new federal tax bill. Some states will experience a new increase in revenue, while most will notice the new law does nothing to reduce the significant balance of state and local accounts receivable. According to the Board of Governors of […]