IC System was just featured on Dentist Money™, a podcast featured on DenistAdvisors.com. IC System’s own Bryan Campbell, our Business Development Manager for Inside Sales, recorded live with Dentist Money’s host Reese Harper at the Yankee Dental Congress 2017 tradeshow. Mr. Harper begins the dialogue with some common misconceptions about the collections industry, assuming that we […]


A faulty air conditioner during a heat wave or an undetected water leak are two things that can rack up hundreds of dollars on a utility customer’s monthly bill. These higher-than-expected utility bills can disrupt your customer’s budget, which can result in a delay in payment or even nonpayment. Whatever their financial situation may be, you […]


In the past, we’ve discussed the many benefits of getting your front desk staff into the habit of requesting upfront payments from patients. Taking this head-on rather than relying on a passive billing system can boost your revenues, and give patients the opportunity to address problems early. How do you put this into practice? One […]


Getting the insurance company to come to the table and actually negotiate physician reimbursement rates can feel like attempting to scale a 30-foot cement wall without equipment. This is especially true when the payer just tosses over a slate of rates that undercuts the value of your work. But it turns out if you accept the […]


Politics aside, one fact that stands out through the ongoing debate on how we regulate health insurance is this: Patients are deeply concerned about the costs of their medical care. A recently released study highlights these anxieties and how U.S. patients are dealing with them. Seventy-four percent say their health care costs have risen over the past […]


IC System nurtures a culture of development and advancement. No matter where you start in our company, your career path is an empty canvas waiting to be filled by your brushstrokes. Take Dorothy Jean Thompson, who had a great year in 2016. Dorothy Jean began as a Customer Service Representative with IC System, and last […]

IC System takes the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics in 2017

It seems like madness. People run into a freezing cold river only to sprint back to shore and seek reprieve in the toasty comfort of a hot tub. But that’s just how the enthusiastic participants of the Polar Plunge roll. On Saturday, March 4, this year’s Polar Plunge event found volunteers leaping into the icy […]

rethink your office's annual checkup

The idea of the annual exam is well-woven in the fabric of our medical care. Whether the patient is covered by traditional insurance or a government plan, they’re entitled to at least one examination a year, complete with a battery of lab tests and screenings. However, it may be time to modernize this practice of the yearly […]

digital practice tools for patients

We don’t always think of patients as consumers. But it’s important to consider how your patients’ experiences as a customer influences their expectations when they contact your practice or clinic. One of these experiences you might want to strongly consider is digitizing appointments. Aligning with patient expectations Consider what’s happened over the last decade. Buying […]


IC System has a long tradition of promoting from within, allowing employees from all departments to transfer or move up within the company, while also carving out their own career path. With that in mind, IC System is pleased to announce the promotion of Kurt Heinbigner to Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Heinbigner’s new position will […]