Consumer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

What Do Your Consumers Think of Your Collections Partner?

Is your collections partner representing you well? Are they treating your consumers with respect and professionalism? Most importantly, how can you be sure? If you want to know if you’re treating consumers well, there’s one way to be sure: Ask them.

IC System is one of the first and only accounts receivables management firms to offer Consumer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys after every call.

How do CSAT surveys work?

During each call, we ask your consumers if they would be willing to participate in a brief survey following the call. Those who agree are transferred to an automated system and asked to give their responses using their telephone keypad.

  • Were you satisfied with the outcome of your call?
  • Did our representative treat you professionally?

How do we use this information?

To ensure the right tone and manner on the phone by reviewing any calls that have low consumer scores.
That means happier consumers. 

To improve collection performance by learning from calls that result in positive consumer experiences.
That means more revenue for you.

To mitigate legal liability by identifying upset consumers earlier.
That means less regulatory risk.

Our Results

With IC System’s focus on constant improvement and our CSAT program to guide us, you can stop worrying about how your collection partner’s methods are reflecting on you. IC System will treat your consumers with respect – and we have the survey results to prove it. Call us today to ask how we can leverage CSAT as part of your A/R solution!

15,000 responses received each month


Were you satisfied with the outcome of your call?

A pie chart showing more than 99% blue, indicating yes


Did our representative treat you professionally?

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5 Ways IC System will Improve Your AR

We know that every business is different. Here are five ways we will collect more revenue for your office.

  • Better recoveries with compassionate collections
  • Highly-trained representatives
  • Focus on win-win negotiations
  • Consumer satisfaction surveys
  • Fewer consumer complaints

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