What is Netback?

Netback is the dollar amount of recoveries minus the fee for service – and IC System offers a higher level of netback.

Provides a true look at collection agency recoveries

Helps determine which fees and services will return more net cash to your business

Can be used to evaluate effectiveness when comparing two agencies

Low Fees Don’t Mean High Value

The value of an agency can’t be measured solely based on its fees.

  • Low fees could be a warning sign that important features will NOT be applied
  • The penetration rate on accounts could be low
  • They may have high collector-to-account ratios
  • Many agencies charge extra for services like credit reporting, but not IC System

How to Use Netback

Keeping those potential warning signs in mind, it’s important to make a decision by making a comparison.

For example:
Agency 1Agency 2
Amount Submitted$20,000$20,000
Amount Collected$1,200 (6%)$3,200 (16%)
Agency Fees$336 (at 28%)$1,120 (at 35%)

Not Sure Where to Start for Your Business?

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