How It Works

Your business or practice needs debt collection services, so you probably have a lot of questions about how debt collection works.

When you’re a client at IC System, you receive our complete attention. We will ensure you have the right product for your needs, onboard with ease, and start sending accounts into collections in no time. Our consumer-friendly collection practices and proven strategies will recover your past-due accounts, while also maintaining your consumer relationships.

IC System delivers the service, performance, and sense of security to improve the financial outcomes of both you and your consumers.

Here’s How Our Debt Collection Process Works:

Step 1: Select Your Product

Premier Collect: Intensive Contingency Collections
Recovery Plus: Two-Phase Flat Fee Collections

Additional Options:

  • Settlement Authority
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Listing
  • Non-Litigation Attorney Referral
  • Litigation Referral

Learn more about choosing the right product.

Step 2: Account Placement

  • Upload accounts receivable electronically via Online Tools
  • Accounts are in collections within 24 hours
  • Load accounts by file or individually

Discover the best practices for sending your accounts to a collection agency.

Step 3: Data Scrubbing/Optimization

Our data scrubs maximize our efforts:

  • Mobile phones
  • New/alternate location information
  • Disconnected numbers
  • Bankruptcies
  • Deceased statuses
  • Active service members

Learn more about our data scrubbing processes.

Step 4: Collection Strategy

Letters: Validation notice and additional letters
Calls: Staggered attempts ensure the best results
Collectors: highly-trained in manner, compliance, and law

Skiptracing efforts:

  • We locate your consumers when they skip town
  • Nationally licensed/bonded to collect in all 50 states

Read more about our collection strategy.

Step 5: Ongoing Control & Support

  • Expert Client Success team to answer your questions
  • Access your inventory 24/7 with our intuitive Online Tools
  • Review notes and check progress on our debt collection process
  • Post payments online
  • Update new account information
  • Submit additional accounts
  • Schedule a suite of reports to measure your KPIs
  • Measure performance, track revenue, monitor inventories
  • Special Activity Reports keep you updated on:
    • Payment verifications
    • Settlement inquiries
    • Questions about specific accounts

Learn about our Client Success philosophy.

Step 6: You get paid!

  • We return your collected revenue via ACH transfer or check
  • Receive a monthly activity statement

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