IC System Receives 2021 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

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IC System Receives 2021 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

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Veterinary Debt Collection Services

We Understand Veterinary Clinics

As a veterinarian, you love animals, but you probably don’t enjoy the process of collecting debts from your customers. Providing life-saving care and collecting veterinarian debt are two different responsibilities, but both are important when running a vet clinic. Many veterinary practices like yours simply do not have enough resources to make organizing, monitoring, and following up with customer accounts worth the effort.

You can improve your cash flow and focus on what you do best—providing care for animals—with IC System, a veterinary billing collection company. You need a veterinary collection agency you can trust, and our products will help bring balance to your finances and return your revenue.

Speed Up Profit Recovery

Your veterinary practice needs revenue, and so every customer matters. But not every customer pays. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that 25% of all veterinary customers need a reminder to pay their bills. Of the 43% of customers who need a reminder, 59% of them will require at least one past-due letter.

Your veterinary practice can maintain a steady cash flow by using IC System veterinarian debt recovery service to manage your accounts receivable, streamline your collection process, and leave you with more time to focus on the health of your patients. We can provide easy-to-use products and simple account placement options through a collection strategy and help recover the revenue you rely on.

When you work with IC System, you can:

  • Send debts automatically
  • Cut down on time-wasting processes
  • Earn more from optional late-stage credit monitoring to stay up to date on the probable ability to pay
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Veterinary Collections for Any Size Vet Practice

Whether you have a private veterinary practice, run a pet hospital, or belong to a veterinary group, you can streamline your accounts receivable processes and focus on your day-to-day with our recovery plans. And your customers will appreciate our empathetic approach. Our debt collection experts for vets treat every consumer with respect at each point of contact, resulting in a service Accredited and A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau. With our powerful tools and dedicated team by your side, your practice can recover more revenue than ever before.

Recovery Plus

The budget at your veterinarian practice is delicate. So why not use the most cost-effective collection product IC System has to offer? Recovery Plus helps you earn more revenue while IC System maintains a positive relationship with your past-due consumers.

You keep 100% of recovered money during the initial letters-only phase, where we charge as low as $9 per account. In the secondary collection phase, you pay a competitive flat rate for debt collection services—and we charge half the industry average because our letter method is so successful!

  • Per-account flat fee pricing
  • High success rate — get paid fast
  • Optional credit reporting to major bureaus
  • Optional credit monitoring to increase recoveries on older accounts
Pricing & Program Overview

Premier Collect

Premier Collect is a contingency collections plan ideal for veterinary practices of all sizes that are seeking payment on past due accounts. The collection agency fees for this debt recovery program are contingency-based and adjustable based on your business needs.

  • Optional credit reporting to the major bureaus
  • Optional credit monitoring to notify us of an important change in the consumer’s credit status that may indicate an ability to pay
  • Optional attorney referral services in which payment demand contacts are made by an independent attorney
  • Optional litigation referral services if you decide to take a consumer to court
Pricing & Program Overview

Competitive Pricing for Every Business

Your veterinary debt collection needs will be answered by IC System’s economical rates and customer-friendly approach. Discover why our debt collection services offer not only a powerful tool but also an effective way to help preserve your valuable customer relationships.

Your comprehensive pricing request will include the following:

  • No cost pricing quote for your IC System services
  • Materials to help streamline your accounts receivable
  • A sample IC System agreement
  • Establish a follow-up plan

Get In Touch

Not sure where to start? We’ll help you identify the next steps to overcome accounts receivable challenges. Please fill out our form or call 1-800-279-3511 to learn more or request pricing.

Collect with Confidence

The bottom line: As a veterinary practice, you need a collection agency to recover your revenue while ensuring that your customers will want to return to your clinic afterward. How do we safeguard your customer relationships? On every call, we will ask your customers to take a survey and rate their experience. Over 99% of consumers feel they have been treated professionally. Learn how IC System listens to feedback from consumers to ensure professionalism and satisfaction on every call.

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Experience in Any Industry

No matter your business size or industry, IC System has the solution to effectively and ethically collect past-due accounts. Our online tools and experienced team have what it takes to allow businesses to take back control of their revenue and focus on building a successful future. Take a look at some of the industries we frequently serve and how we solve their unique debt collection issues.

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