Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Daycare, Child Care & K-12 School Debt Collection Agency

Your Personal School Debt Collection Agency

Working for the education and care of children is an incredibly important profession. It requires creativity, effort, foresight and — most of all — time. When families have past-due accounts, the last thing you have spare hours for is chasing down what you’re owed.

To help you drive greater impact and make the most of limited resources, our agency has developed an ethical, effective multi-channel approach to K-12 school and child care debt collection.

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Effective Approaches & Experience You Can Rely On

Manage your accounts receivable, streamline your collection process, and have more time to focus on education with IC System’s services. We provide you with easy-to-use products and simple account placement options to help recover the revenue you rely on. Get an advantage when it comes to debt collection by:

  • Automatically sending debts with easy-to-use programs and tools
  • Utilizing bilingual support and resources
  • Simplifying your collections processes & minimizing wasted time
  • Segmenting accounts to prioritize on maximizing revenue
  • Providing optional late-stage credit monitoring to stay up to date on probable ability to pay
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Recovery Plans for Educational Institutions of Any Size

We offer education debt collection services for a wide variety of school needs, including:

  • Elementary and middle before-and-after-school programs
  • Early childhood tuition
  • Sports fees
  • After school activities fees
  • Registration fees
  • Driver’s education fees
  • School lunch and nutrition costs
Programs and Pricing

Unsure Where to Start?

The right school debt collection agency partner is one that saves you time and maximizes recovery. That way you’re able to better focus on what matters: maintaining a happy, healthy educational environment.

We help by negotiating payments and tracking down what’s owed using a proven, ethical multi-channel approach that treats everyone with the respect they deserve.

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Download our child care & K-12 school debt collection services overview PDF for additional information.

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