Recovery Plus

What is Recovery Plus?

IC System’s Recovery Plus is a two-phase debt recovery program that helps you get paid – faster.  We will collect on your past-due consumer accounts using the right mix of carefully selected touchpoints using innovative tools—at the most competitive rates.

Our economical rates and our consumer-friendly approach make Recovery Plus the smarter solution, all while helping to preserve your customer relationships. You can monitor our progress and check your inventory on our comprehensive Online Tools.


In Phase I, your accounts will receive four professional letters for a competitive flat fee of $14.95* per account.

Consumers receive a series of up to four diplomatically-worded collection letters. All dollars recovered are sent directly to you, and you keep 100% of the money. No commissions or added fees. The letters hit the mail at strategic intervals within Phase I. This softer collection approach ensures you maintain your business relationship. Then, unpaid and qualifying accounts roll into Phase II.

*For up 50 to accounts. Download the price sheet in the form to the right to see additional prices and plans, including one to five letter plans.


In Phase II, your accounts receive intensive and comprehensive recovery efforts with a consumer-friendly approach for a 25% Contingency*.

Collection Services Include:

• Credit reporting**
• Analytical modeling for maximum recoveries
• Skip tracing
• Direct letters
• Consumer-friendly calls
• Attorney Referral and Litigation options

*On qualifying accounts, see pricing sheet for details
**Credit reporting available only on qualifying accounts

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