Recovery Plus

Two-Phase Debt Recovery Program

IC System’s Recovery Plus is a two-stage debt recovery program that helps you get paid — faster. We will collect on your past-due consumer accounts using the right mix of carefully selected touchpoints and innovative tools at the most competitive rates. On average, clients see a return of $30 for every $1 invested!†

Proven Phased Approach

Strategically designed to encourage payments on past-due accounts in a consumer-centric manner, you’ll be earning back your money in no time.

High Success Rate

Our consumer-friendly collection efforts work to help you get paid fast while maintaining healthy client relationships.

Focus on Account Retention

Continue growing your business while we work on recovering your revenue and keeping your customer relationships strong.

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Competitive Pricing For Every Business.

Get paid fast by using Recovery Plus, the most effective collection plan from IC System. Our consumer-friendly collection efforts will clean up your accounts receivable and maintain healthy relationships with your consumers.

On average, clients see a return of $30 for every $1 invested!† 

You keep 100% of recovered money during the initial letters-only phase, where we charge as low as $10.95 per account. In the secondary collection phase, you pay a competitive flat rate for debt collection costs—and we charge half the industry average because our letter method is so successful!

  • Pay a flat fee during Phase 1
  • Keep 100% of the money you earn back, no added fees
  • Move to a low contingency fee during Phase 2

How It Works

Number 1

Phase 1

In Phase I of the Recovery Plus debt recovery program, your accounts will receive four professional letters for a competitive flat fee per account. On average, clients see a return of $30 for every $1 invested!†

Consumers receive a series of up to four diplomatically worded collection letters. All dollars recovered are sent directly to you, and you keep 100% of the money. No commissions or added fees.

The letters hit the mail at strategic intervals within Phase I. This softer collection approach ensures you maintain your business relationship. Then, unpaid and qualifying accounts roll into Phase II.

Number 2

Phase 2

In Phase II, your accounts receive intensive and comprehensive recovery efforts with a consumer-friendly approach for a low contingency fee*.

Collection Services Include:

  • Credit reporting**
  • Analytical modeling for maximum recoveries
  • Skip tracing
  • Direct letters
  • Consumer-friendly calls
  • Attorney referral and litigation options

*On qualifying accounts, see pricing sheet for details
**Credit reporting available only on qualifying accounts

† Collection data based on average results of IC System clients using Recovery Plus product. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.

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