Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Mental Health and Behavior Therapy Debt Collection Agency

When you work in mental health care, the majority of your efforts are centered around helping people. It requires a lot of care, attention and energy — the last thing you need is to waste time chasing after past-due medical debts.

To help your clinic make the most of the resources you have without causing harm to the patients you care for, we’ve developed an ethical, effective multi-channel approach to mental health and behavior therapy debt collection.

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We Understand Mental Health Clinic Collections

IC System’s vast experience in the healthcare industry includes a number of clients in the mental health field. We understand how critical it is to maintain open, healthy relationships with your patients and keep that top of mind with every touchpoint.

Our financial counselors have been trained to talk to your patients empathetically about insurance, billing and other concerns relating to mental health debt collection.

We’re dedicated to keeping the process as straightforward as possible by:

  • Making it easier to transfer accounts
  • Streamlining debt collection efforts with little work on your end
  • Segmenting accounts to prioritize on maximizing revenue
  • Performing fast data scrubs (deceased, bankruptcy, address, cell phone, etc.)
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Debt Recovery Plans for Any Size Practice

Whichever program you choose for your behavior therapy debt collection, you’ll find an immediate increase in patient response. We’ll handle debt collection for your practice so you can focus on providing the best treatment and support possible to those that need it.

Programs and Pricing

Unsure Where to Start?

The right mental health debt collection agency partner is one that takes the stress out of recovering the debts you’re owed for both you and your patients.

We’re here to help by negotiating payments using an ethical multi-channel approach that focuses on communication, connection and empathy.

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