Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Start collecting past-due accounts today with InstiCollect

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Debt Collection for Pediatric Clinics

Patient-Friendly Pediatrics Debt Recovery

When dealing with the sensitive nature of pediatric medical care, debt collection and recovery becomes especially challenging. Maintaining essential patient relationships with families facing challenging times while working within complex insurance systems matters to you, so it matters to IC System too.

To make it easier for your clinic to maximize operational efficiency without compromising care quality, you need a debt collection partner who keeps your money where you need it most: with you.

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We Understand Pediatrics Debt Collection

As a pediatric care provider, your attention should be focused on the wellness and comfort of the families that visit your clinic, not unpaid debts.

That’s why we developed our effective, ethical multi-channel approach to pediatrics debt collection — to give you that time back.

  • Depending on preference, patients and their families can be contacted via phone calls, letters, email, or text
  • Custom-designed call campaigns that contact individuals at the most convenient times
  • Regular optimization-focused review of plan effectiveness by in-house analysts
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Pediatrics Debt Recovery Services That Adapt To You

No matter which of our programs best fits your needs, we’ll be able to quickly start optimizing debt collection for your pediatrics practice. Setup can be done within minutes and recovery activity can begin in as little as one business day.

Programs and Pricing

Unsure Where to Start?

The right debt recovery partner is able to take the stress out of collecting owed payments for both you and your pediatric patients.

Clinics like yours care deeply about the individuals you treat. Our ethical approach treats the patients you care about and their families well through an ethical multi-channel approach that recovers more faster.


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