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Rise in Pet Adoptions Could Mean Vet Debt Increases

A woman petting her dog while working from home

Americans looking to bring some much-needed distraction and joy into their homes during lockdown have turned to pet adoptions. It’s excellent news for these animals, who need and deserve a loving home. But what does this increase in pet owners, some of whom are either unemployed or working reduced hours, mean for your veterinary clinic?

How a collection agency can help your veterinary practice


When your veterinary practice is faced with past-due bills and rising accounts receivable, that can leave you struggling to take care of your own expenses. Setting the right fees and recovering payment from the people who have entrusted you with their pet’s care is far from your favorite task, but veterinary collections is very necessary.

Vet billing solutions that also mean better care

vet billing

When you save or improve the life of a beloved family pet, the best reward is seeing the pet’s tail wag, followed by the joy and relief in the eyes of their humans. However, you will get the occasional human who fails to pay you for your life-saving care. So what’s the solution? Do you take a chance

Helpful options as pet care costs rise

pet care

When a family pet gets sick, most owners say they would not put a price on the health of their dog or cat — until they see the bill. Like medical care, veterinary care costs are rising fast, leaving owners feeling hard-pressed to immediately pay off balances that can reach well into the thousands of

Vets: Credit Reporting is Your Top Dog

Credit Reporting

We are frequently asked, “Why should I outsource collections?” or “What advantages in recovering my consumer’s debt do you have that I don’t?” The easy answer is this: Our advantage as a professional collection agency is we simply have the tools, resources, and industry expertise required to achieve the recovery rates our clients are desiring.

Pet Peeves: Veterinary Debt Collection Agency Red Flags!

veterinary debt collection

There are countless reasons why people will fall behind on their bills, and veterinary costs are no exception. Pet owners receive a veterinary bill for more than $1,000 once every six seconds, and many pet owners simply do not have the cash on hand to pay these types of expenses. Try as you may to work

Vet Collections: Pets Are What They Eat

vet collections

Every long-time veterinary practice has its stories about what they’ve seen animals consume. There’s the tale of the Texas frog with a fondness for the ornamental rocks in his cage. He loved them so much he ate 30 of them. Then there’s the German shorthair pointer from Florida that somehow managed to ingest a shish