Star Tribune Names IC System a 2020 Top 150 Workplace

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Star Tribune Names IC System a 2020 Top 150 Workplace

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IC System Donates to Help Rebuild Twin Cities

The protests in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and throughout the world, after the death of George Floyd have left countless business storefronts in need of repair. IC System recently donated $3,000 to help support small businesses and nonprofits in Twin Cities communities. IC System hopes that people and companies will continue donating to the rebuilt

When Does Your Small Business Need Debt Collection Services?

How much time do you spend calling or sending letters to your past-due consumers? Chances are, it’s too much time. Or maybe it’s not enough. One of the main reasons that many small businesses fail is because of poor business planning. An effective business plan should include a detailed accounting of your cash flow and

How Debt Collection Works, Part 5: Collection Strategy

collection strategy IC System

Letters and calls are the bread and butter of a debt collection strategy. IC System’s “How Debt Collection Works” blog series continues with a discussion of our proven letter and call approach. Mike Selbitschka, IC System’s Vice President of Operations, talks about the collection strategy and efforts that occur after you have selected your product,

Better Debt Collection with Data Security and Compliance

When you think about ways to evaluate a potential collection partner, your first thought is probably about performance or experience, not data security and compliance. But these factors remain vital when choosing a debt collection company. Ensuring your data is protected, and your consumers are treated fairly according to regulatory mandates, reduces the risks to

How Debt Collection Works, Part 4: Data Scrubbing

Data scrubbing to ensure accurate consumer information is an essential debt collection tool. IC System’s data scrubbing and optimization program cleans your accounts to support effective collection efforts with higher quality data. Having good data means we take a smarter approach to your accounts. IC System’s “How Debt Collection Works” blog series continues with this

Doing Our Part During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The last few months have been rough. Between the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, home-schooling for kids, massive unemployment rates, and dealing with business in a remote environment, we all could use some inspiration. Fortunately, there are brave healthcare workers, grocery store employees, and charitable organizations on the front lines who inspire us every day. Their

Rise in Pet Adoptions Could Mean Vet Debt Increases

Americans looking to bring some much-needed distraction and joy into their homes during lockdown have turned to pet adoptions. It’s excellent news for these animals, who need and deserve a loving home. But what does this increase in pet owners, some of whom are either unemployed or working reduced hours, mean for your veterinary clinic?

IC System’s COVID-19 Response

A message from IC System’s President & CEO, John Erickson: As we all adjust to these uncertain times, know that IC System is fully operational and ready to help generate revenue on your behalf. Managing your A/R may not currently be your first priority during this pandemic, but rest assured that we will continue to

Local Distillery Inspires with Their Coronavirus Response

As everyone continues to process the headlines and changing reality concerning the COVID-19 situation, it’s always nice when you find someone whose coronavirus response gives you inspiration and hope. That’s certainly the case with Vikre Distillery, a Minnesota spirits maker that normally creates a variety of gins, vodkas, and whiskeys. Faced with the pandemic and

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