IC System Receives BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

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IC System Receives BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

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Upgrade your dental office payment options

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Here’s something you may not realize about Americans: We’re still pretty attached to paper checks, and your dental practice is probably no exception, even if credit card payments are still accepted at the front desk. Still, it’s pretty clear the paper check is on its way out. In one decade, the trusty check has gone from the most

Dental offices: Reduce your accounts receivable

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Obviously, no dentist would start drilling without consulting the patient. Yet, a patient caught unaware by a higher-than-expected bill can feel just as betrayed. In 2016, the average dental practice had $47,000 worth of accounts receivable at 90 days or greater, according to a study by Sikka Software. If these are patients that walked out the door

How dentists can build trust, even with patient debt

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When patients learn they need expensive cosmetic or restorative dental work, it can—if you’ll forgive the bad pun—leave a bad taste in their mouth, especially if costs reach hundreds or thousands of dollars. Then, when dentists take a hands-off approach to costs, leaving it all to the billing office, they might unintentionally come off as

Dentists: Collection Plans Reduce Accounts Receivable

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Just as it’s satisfying to remove dental plaque, it would be ideal to completely zero-out the account receivables column in your books. Since that’s unrealistic, the next best thing is to prevent the account receivables from accumulating to the point that the practice finds itself in the midst of a cash shortage. One easy way to

Dentists: Prepare your patients now, avoid collections later

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Remaking a billing system to boost same-day payments from patients can make sense for any dental practice. When patients walk out the door without making a payment or paying off their deductible or co-pay, the cost of collecting falls on your practice. On top of that, your patients come with a range of financial habits;

Dos and Don’ts of Easy Financial Conversations

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Revenue. In the end, it always comes down to revenue—even in matters as important as one’s oral health. Experienced dentists know this, and that leads dentists handling financial conversations with their patients delicately. Chances are good that you’ve had a few tough conversations already, and you may have more in the future. To help ensure

Do you have the best dental billing schedule for collections?

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A dental billing schedule deserves a universal commitment from all staff who interact with patients. When patient balances are allowed to age, the practice has less cash to work with to cover expenses. A disciplined dental billing schedule for account receivables will maintain consistency throughout the office and prevent unnecessary delays from eroding profits. Begin

Podcast: IC System featured on Dentist Money

IC System was just featured on Dentist Money™, a podcast featured on DenistAdvisors.com. IC System’s own Bryan Campbell, our Business Development Manager for Inside Sales, recorded live with Dentist Money’s host Reese Harper at the Yankee Dental Congress 2017 tradeshow. Mr. Harper begins the dialogue with some common misconceptions about the collections industry, assuming that we

Is your practice meeting your patients’ digital expectations?

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We don’t always think of patients as consumers. But it’s important to consider how your patients’ experiences as a customer influences their expectations when they contact providers. One of these experiences you might want to strongly consider is digitizing appointments. Aligning with patient expectations Consider what’s happened over the last decade. Buying and banking habits