Premier Collect

Intensive Debt Collection

Premier Collect is an intensive, comprehensive debt collection program designed to recover past-due accounts from customers who have not responded to your initial requests for payment.

Proven Approach

Using effective and ethical tactics, we’ll recover past-due accounts in a way that’s proven to accelerate debt recovery.

High Success Rate

Skilled professionals, strategic methods and a proven collection approach have generated success for our clients time and time again.

Focus on Account Retention

Continue focusing your efforts on account relationships and retention while we ensure you continue to earn back the money you deserve.

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Competitive Pricing for Every Business

For a competitive contingency fee, your account will receive intensive and comprehensive recovery efforts. This service involves a combination of calls from highly trained collection professionals, an effective letter strategy, and other optional services. Here are the options you can pick from when you choose our Premier Collect plan:

  • Credit reporting to the major bureaus
  • Credit monitoring to notify us of an important change in the consumer’s credit status that may indicate an ability to pay
  • Attorney referral services in which payment demand contacts are made by an independent attorney
  • Litigation referral service if you decide to take a consumer to court

How It Works

Number 1

Account Placement & Data Scrubbing

We’ll process and upload your account information electronically within 24 hours. Then, we’ll get to work on scrubbing data to assess the statuses of your past-due accounts including changes in location, bankruptcy status, and contact information.

Number 2

Collection Efforts & Ongoing Support

Using tried-and-true collection methods including phone calls and an effective letter strategy, we’ll get to work on getting your money back. Our skilled team is highly trained in compliance and abides by ethical collection practices. You can track our progress online, submit additional accounts and update existing ones while focusing on your business.

number 3

You Get Paid

It’s that simple. We’ll do the hard stuff while you continue to focus on growing client relationships and driving profits. We’ll keep you posted on activity through monthly statements, and you’ll receive payments through ACH Transfers or checks.

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Not seeing what you need? IC System has several customizable and convenient debt collection products to help you recover revenue for your business.

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