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Maintaining Employee Engagement in the Era of Remote Work

IC System at the ballpark. Employee engagement.

In the age of remote work, sustaining high employee engagement is no small challenge. The once bustling office environment has been replaced by isolated home office spaces, making it increasingly difficult to foster a sense of interconnectedness and collaboration. Understanding the tangible impact of these challenges, IC System has introduced several strategies to cultivate a feeling of belonging amongst remote workers:

• Monthly Onsite Days: IC System introduced monthly onsite days to physically bring together remote, in-person, and hybrid employees. These regular face-to-face interactions help to bridge the gap between remote and onsite team members, further developing and reinforcing working relationships. Often, IC System will host in-person, company-wide town hall meetings on these days.

• Virtual Town Hall Meetings: For individuals who are unable to attend the monthly onsite days, IC System also streams the meetings so that all employees are able to hear about company happenings and updates.

• Regular Company-Hosted Events: IC System also regularly hosts fun events to bring employees together in a non-office environment. For example, within the past year, IC System employees have gotten together to watch a St. Paul Saints game (pictured above), attend or participate in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event, and watch a movie at a local theatre!

• Increased Social Media Presence: In an effort to share office life with those who are not in office, marketing and human resources have been working closely this year to increase IC System’s social media presence, specifically on Facebook. Employees have the opportunity to see what’s going on in office, learn more about their coworkers through employee spotlights, and celebrate employee anniversaries!

• Work Recess: IC System’s “Work Recess” gives employees an opportunity to take a break from work to engage in fun activities such as participating in themed trivia for the chance to win an award.

These are just some of the ways IC System has adapted to meet the needs of remote and hybrid workers. As one of our Core Values is Innovation, we are always striving to enhance the employee experience and make sure all employees feel like they are part of the team! To learn more about IC System’s culture, watch the video below!

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