Detail-Oriented Debt Collection in Colorado

Your Debt Collection Starting Point

Looking for a debt collection agency that gets results? IC System is here to help you maximize your revenue with effective debt collection strategies and tactics that make a difference. Our experts have the experience to help your business recover the customer debts you thought were gone for good. With IC System, you have nothing to lose, because we provide customers with a free quote before they decide to work with our dedicated team.

When you work with IC System, you can expect a change in debt collection results quickly. Our services fit right into your business, so you never have to make big process changes to incorporate our powerful tools. Before you know it, you will be submitting accounts, managing inventory, generating reports, and more.

How IC System Collects Customer Debts

Maintaining customer relationships is a significant concern for business owners. Our decades of experience have taught us that it is essential to approach every point of customer contact with care. Whether we are calling, mailing or using another tactic for debt collection services in Colorado, you can be sure that we will do so with the ideal balance of assertiveness and respect.

What makes the process even easier is our useful online tools that provide you with a greater level of control over your accounts receivable data. Whether you want to view a statement, access your inventory, or submit accounts quickly and easily, you can do so with our intuitive tools. These resources integrate right into your existing processes and procedures, so on-boarding your team to the new system is a seamless experience.

Collecting Debts When Customers Leave Colorado

Your customers may move away from Colorado before they have paid off outstanding fees, but you can be sure that IC System will keep tabs on these individuals when they cross state lines. Our team has the qualifications to conduct debt collection between states, including:

  • Licenses and/or bonds nationwide + in Guam and Puerto Rico
  • Experience conducting debt collection in all 50 states
  • A commitment to taking on “lost cause” debt collection

Choosing between debt recovery agencies can be difficult — most of your options will claim to improve your revenue, but they may face geographical limitations to their efforts. IC System’s national licensure could be the differentiator you need to get the most out of your accounts receivable strategy.


“Friendly, helpful client service representatives. The reporting is great and accurate.“

James C. Setterberg, DDS

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