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IC System is one of the largest recovery management companies in the U.S., big enough to meet the debt collection needs of your Texas business. Discover a debt collection agency that takes a comprehensive approach to accounts receivable. When you work with IC System, you can expect attention to detail, friendly service and real results. If you’re tired of wasting time tracking down, contacting and keeping tabs on customers with outstanding debts, leave the task to our experts, and focus on the parts of your business that you love. We have experience serving customers across Texas, including AustinDallas, and Houston.

When looking for debt collection services in Texas, it’s important to know that the team you choose is the right fit for your business. IC System provides a free quote to anyone interested in our accounts receivable solutions. Our friendly debt collection experts are also here to answer any questions you have about our two service offerings:

Premier Collect: Contingency-based collections
Recovery Plus: Two-phased collections approach

IC System is here to make your life easier, so whichever service you choose, you will be able to integrate our debt collection resources into your business quickly and easily. Texas business owners are not short on choices when it comes to debt collection services, but IC System is committed to earning your business each and every day.

How IC System Interacts with Your Customers

A key to success at IC System is our ability to tactfully approach your customers in a way that is respectful and effective. We work to maintain your customer relationships whenever possible, allowing your business to maximize revenue without burning bridges. Our team can help your business reach its full revenue generation potential, and you never have to worry about taking a misguided approach to your debt collection needs.

In addition to our debt collection efforts (phone calls, letters, skip tracing, etc.), we provide our clients with powerful online tools that offer a high level of control over every account. Access your inventory 24/7, view reports and receive statements with just a few clicks. With IC System, debt collection is nearly effortless.

Collecting Debts When Customers Leave Texas

If some of your customers seem to disappear before paying off their debts, it’s all too easy to write them off as a lost cause. In many cases, these customers have simply left Texas, which makes locating them yourself much more difficult. When you put IC System to work, you never have to worry about customers who move beyond state lines. Our team has:

  • Licenses and/or bonds in all 50 states + Guam and Puerto Rico
  • The resources to locate your customers nationwide
  • Experienced in interstate debt collection

Utilize debt collection experts with the know-how and qualifications to collect debts nationwide. You will discover revenue sources that you may have never considered in the past, as our far-reaching debt collection efforts are sure to make an impact on your bottom line.

“I have found your total services to be excellent. I have no complaints. Customer service is always pleasant and helpful and your online tools are very easy to use.”

San Antonio Orthopedic Group LLP

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