Smarter Debt Collection in North Carolina

Where to Start with Debt Collection

You don’t have to commit to a debt collection agency in North Carolina without knowing how much it will cost you, and what value you will get out of the program. If you’re interested in IC System, we will provide you with a free quote before you sign up for our services. Our debt collection experts are available to answer any questions you have about our process, and we will create a customized plan that outlines how we will integrate our debt collection tools into your existing processes.

Don’t know where to start? IC System can meet a wide range of debt collection needs. Whether you have customers who are ignoring phone calls or ones who have left North Carolina, we will make contact with them to ensure you receive the payment you are owed.

How IC System Provides Debt Collection

Collecting debts requires a careful approach — if it’s possible to maintain a relationship with your customers, it is in your best interest not to lose their business. Our experts implement strategically-timed phone calls, letters, skip tracing, credit monitoring and other tactics to trigger prompt payments in a way that is respectful and effective.

IC System’s advantages don’t end with a successful account payment. Our goal is to make your life easier, so we present all of our accounts receivable information on one intuitive online platform. Submit accounts, access your inventory, view statements and much more from anywhere with an internet connection. When you need debt collection services in North Carolina, having powerful resources at your disposal is essential.

Collecting Debts When Customers Leave North Carolina

If your customers have remained unresponsive for an extended period of time, they may have moved out of North Carolina. When a customer leaves the state, IC System never considers them a lost cause. Our experts have:

  • Licenses and/or bonds in all 50 states + Guam and Puerto Rico
  • Knowledge of debt collection processes nationwide
  • The dedication to continue debt collection efforts

Not every debt collection agency in North Carolina has the experience and qualifications to collect debts nationwide. What’s more, you will never need to devote your own resources in order to locate customers who are behind on account payments.

“Thanks for your help in helping our patients pay their accounts. When placing calls to IC.System I have received courteous, speedy responses. Knowledgeable people answer my questions in a professional manner. The website is very user-friendly, too!”

Dr. Claudine Siegert

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