Effective Debt Collection in Chicago

How to Get Started with Debt Collection

When you need a qualified debt collection agency, Chicago business owners trust IC system to help maximize their revenue with improved accounts receivable tools, tactics, and experts. Our team will change the way you think about past due accounts, since we never give up on a late payment. We have the expertise to track down your customers and communicate with them in a way that gets results. What’s more, you don’t have to make any commitments to learn how IC System will help your business — take advantage of our free quote to start planning your debt recovery solution.

At IC System, we want to give our customers services that fit right into their business processes. With decades of experience and countless success stories, IC System is sure to make your daily life easier. Whether you work in healthcare, dental, communications or any other industry, we are here to serve as the business collection agency you need.

Getting the Most Out of IC System

Making calls, writing letters, and contacting lawyers to collect debts is a time-consuming process. With IC System by your side, you don’t need to devote endless resources just to receive the money you’re already owed. We will reopen accounts you may have thought were a lost cause and provide you with a new approach to revenue recovery. When you contact our team, you will see what sets IC System apart from most debt collection agencies in the Chicagoland area—we take a detail-oriented approach to your debt recovery needs from the very beginning.

With IC System, you get the resources it takes to streamline your accounts receivable processes. Our customers can access account information at any time with just a few clicks. Want to see the status of an account? You can do so quickly and easily with our intuitive online platform. What’s more, you don’t need to make sweeping changes to integrate IC System into your existing processes. Our resources are designed to fit businesses of all sizes.

Collecting Debts When Customers Leave Chicago

A powerful debt recovery platform is one thing, but IC System is also able to locate customers who have left Illinois — a service not every debt recovery agency can provide to Chicago residents. We offer debt collection on a national scale, since you never know when your customers will make an unexpected move.

  • Licenses and/or bonds in all 50 states + Guam and Puerto Rico
  • Nationwide debt collection experience
  • Continued support, even when a customer disappears

You don’t have to spend countless hours investigating the whereabouts of your customers. Our national licensure will help recover accounts you thought were lost for good.

“We have been with the company for over 15 years now and I have checked around and am happy to say for our volume, I.C. System has been the best. Whenever I call, everyone is helpful and ready to do their part to answer my questions about specific accounts.”

Strafford Dental

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