Chicago Collection Services

IC System is a debt collection agency businesses in Chicago and its metro area have partnered with for years. Since 1938, we have been a family-owned and operated agency, guided by our desire to give our clients ethical, honest service and continually work to be the best, most trusted collection agency in the industry.

As a collection agency Chicago can depend on, IC System provides innovative recovery strategies that provide quality results for you and your customers. Our consultants are experienced, ethical, and professional, and work to bring you client-centered service. We will create a recovery plan tailored for you that not only enhances your internal resources, but functions efficiently to maximize your bottom line.

IC System offers Chicago debt collection services for a variety of industries, including dental, medical, healthcare, and chiropractic. We are compliant with all Illinois state laws and have proved a reliable debt collection agency for Chicago businesses.

Why IC System?


DID YOU KNOW? 15% of all past-due balances are owed by consumers living several hundred miles outside of their original service area and, in many instances, in totally different states. IC System is licensed and/or bonded to collect in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Guam.

  • No Client is Too Big or Too Small!
  • Flat Fee and Contingency Collection Programs
  • 24/7 Online Account Access
  • Industry-Specific Collection Teams
  • Credit Reporting to National Bureaus
  • Consumer and Commercial Collections


“We have been with the company for over 15 years now  and I have checked around and am happy to say for our volume, I.C. System has been the best. Whenever I call, everyone is helpful and ready to do their part to answer my questions about specific accounts.”

Strafford Dental