Impressive Debt Collection in Arizona

Taking Action with Debt Collection

Whether you’ve worked with debt collection agencies for your Arizona business in the past, or you’ve never utilized a third party for your debt collection needs, IC System can help you streamline your existing processes. Each one of our clients has unique needs, and it’s our goal to provide tailored services that address all of their accounts receivable pain points.

Ignoring outstanding debts can be compared to leaving money on the table. IC System helps our clients maximize their returned revenue. Start with a free quote to help you make the right financial choice for your company, whether you work in a dental office, healthcare clinic, government facility, or any other line of work.

How IC System Provides Debt Collection

The difference between good and great debt collection services for Arizona companies is the ability for an agency to retain your customers whenever possible. At IC System, maintaining customer relationships is always a priority. While we will use direct language at every point of communication, we will never talk down to your customers or do anything to jeopardize your established relationship. This results in higher rates of revenue over a longer period of time.

Maximizing your company’s incoming revenue is one thing, but if you don’t have a platform to keep accounts organized, you could find yourself wasting time trying to make sense of massive spreadsheets. Thankfully, IC System provides you with easy-to-use online tools to take control of your accounts receivable responsibilities. You can easily submit accounts, check account statuses or create reports with just a few clicks. Our goal is to make your life easier, and our tools help you streamline your existing processes.

Collecting Debts When Customers Leave Arizona

There’s a good chance that some of your customers have left Arizona before making overdue payments. In cases like these, you’re left with a choice: track down the customers or cut your losses. With a team like IC System by your side, tracking down out-of-state customers takes less time and effort so you can devote your resources to the parts of your business that matter more to you. IC System has:

  • Licenses and/or bonds in all 50 states + Guam and Puerto Rico
  • The resources to conduct nationwide customer searches
  • Experience in interstate debt collection

Our national licensure provides your company with an advantage it won’t get with debt collection agencies limited to operating within Arizona. If you have several “lost cause” customers with outstanding debts, we can locate and communicate with them. We never give up on an account, because maximizing your revenue is our most important goal.

“Your staff is always friendly and helpful regardless of what is asked of them. Your company is very professional and thorough.”

Lisa Oral & Facial Surgeons of Arizona

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