Utilities Collections

Our Utilities Experience

IC System provides accounts receivable recovery services for some of the largest utilities providers in the United States. But we also handle smaller, municpal utility providers. Our Utility team will provide a collections strategy that enhances your internal receivable management practices, or even serves as your entire internal department. Indeed, our solutions are vast and include services for the Regulated, Deregulated, and Municipal markets. Our recoveries preserve positive customer relations and meet federal and state requirements, as well as the public utility commission guidelines.

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Our Solutions

Meeting Your Needs

Servicing so many markets and utility types, IC System understands your utility may need our services at different stages. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs:

First Party Call Center Solutions

Third Party Accounts Receivable Management
• Pre charge-off/Pre collect
• Final Bill Services
• Primary
• Secondary
• Tertiary
• Warehouse


Security is a principal concern at IC System. We seek out the highest levels of security certifications. Below are just a few that ensure your sensitive consumer information is protected:

• PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 3.2
 *This certification was NOT self-assessed and protects out ENTIRE network.
• Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act/HITECH Act (“HIPAA/HITECH”)
• Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999/Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”)
• Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Red Flags Rule (“Red Flags Rule”)
• ISO 27002
• And many more!

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