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The Hawkeye State is known for hearty crops and even heartier residents. Iowa’s Midwestern real estate is bolstered by a thriving economy filled with a diverse range of industries. Though typically associated with agriculture, Iowa’s economic environment is filled with businesses ranging from biotechnology to finance to manufacturing. All of these industries, as well as the additional businesses within the state, benefit from a distinctly business-friendly atmosphere, an atmosphere that IC System is proud to service.

IC System utilizes a wide variety of standard and customizable offerings to help benefit the State’s assorted industries. From dedicated, industry-specific online tools, to out-of-the-box solutions, we provide what your Iowa business needs to increase their return on overdue accounts. We take pride in having collected billions of dollars since our founding in 1938, and continue to provide superior debt collection services.

IC System has set the industry standard for collections, providing our financial representatives with extensive training to protect your relationship with your consumers. Don’t settle for just any debt collection agency; trust your bottom line and your reputation with the company with unparalleled experience and uncompromising customer service. Contact IC System today.

Why IC System?


DID YOU KNOW? 15% of all past-due balances are owed by consumers living several hundred miles outside of their original service area and, in many instances, in totally different states. IC System is licensed and/or bonded to collect in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Guam.

  • No Client is Too Big or Too Small!
  • Flat Fee and Contingency Collection Programs
  • 24/7 Online Account Access
  • Industry-Specific Collection Teams
  • Credit Reporting to National Bureaus
  • Consumer and Commercial Collections

“Your staff is always friendly and helpful regardless of what is asked of them. Your company is very professional and thorough.”

Buhrow Gillis & Assoc.

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