Enhance Your Accounts Receivable

Debt collection in healthcare is an important part of the revenue cycle for independent physicians, multi-hospital systems, and every practice size in between. With a medical debt collection agency like IC System by your side, your healthcare organization can expect prompt payments from your patients, while maintaining relationships with these individuals. Our team has decades of experience maximizing the revenue returned to healthcare professionals with our courteous and patient-friendly staff.

Choose from two healthcare collections services to address past-due accounts:

Recovery Plus: Two-Phase Flat Fee Collections

Premier Collect: Intensive Contingency Collections

Expedite Payments

IC System will work with your practice management system, so you don’t have to invest in drastic infrastructure changes.

Whether you use athenahealth, eClinicalWorks, Epic, Cerner, McKesson, AdvancedMD, or another platform, partnering with IC System will feel like business as usual, but with improved medical bill collection results.

Our medical debt collection services will:

Easily Transfer accounts • Keep patient data organized • Streamline efforts • Maximize revenue

Our Patient-Friendly Solution

IC System has the right people to resolve your past-due accounts and maintain your patient relationships. Our core values include integrity, performance, pride, and innovation, but they start with people. We treat people with dignity and respect, and that philosophy extends to our deploying our patient financial counselors who have empathy to spare. These people treat your patients with the consideration and respect they deserve. To achieve this, we record all communications and regularly evaluate the conduct of our patient financial counselors to ensure a positive patient experience. Learn how IC System listens to feedback from your patients to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Why IC System

The experts at our healthcare collection agency have worked with medical professionals for many years, developing processes that work for healthcare. Our goal is to make your revenue stream more predictable and provide excellent value with every service we provide. IC System will improve the health of your revenue cycle, so you can focus on the health of your patients.

Included Services:

• Data scrubs (deceased, bankruptcy, address, cell phone, etc.)
• Analytics modeling to tier accounts
• Intensive 180-day campaign of calls and letters
• Eligibility identification and resolution services for insurance, charity, and financial assistance


Optional Services:

Settlement authority • Credit reporting • Non-litigation attorney referral • Litigation referral • Credit monitoring.


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Bad Debt

Our third party approach effectively resolves your accounts and preserves your patient relationships in an intensive 180-day collection campaign of calls and letters.

Self Pay Management

Our self pay services adhere to your internal processes to provide time savings and increased efficiency, collecting in the name of the provider on both inbound and outbound lines.

Debt Revival Strategy

Extend the life of your healthcare accounts receivable with a plan designed to revive 180+ days old accounts. Our debt revival strategy will locates new revenue in late-stage accounts.

Download Our Debt Revival Strategy PDF

Healthcare Focused

Many healthcare organizations work with IC System. Your healthcare facility may also already use a patient management system that integrates directly with our collection services. Our simple debt collection process is even easier because we maintain strong relationships with these groups:

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Improve your financial outcomes with IC System’s Healthcare Collection Services.

What Our Clients Think

I so like being able to enter the info without having to make copies and fax everything. This system is most definitely user friendly.


Kentucky Fertility and Gynecology, PLLC

The best thing I like about IC System is the capability of being user-friendly electronic. Due to the enormous amount of patient accounts that we send to IC System every week, the only effective way of transmitting this data is via website. We also post all of our payments online. It is a rare occasion that we require a call to the IC System office.


Dee L Martinez MD

What I love about IC System is I write it up and I can forget about all the collection hassle.


Dr Michael McCullough

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