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IC System provides accounts receivable recovery services for many of the country’s largest communication service providers. We understand this is a competitive, ever-changing industry shaped by the fluid growth of technology and an emphasis on customer care. Our experience means we know how to tailor our services to meet your specific needs through friendly collection practices, state-of-the-art technology, and sense of Security and Compliance your business needs.


Our solutions include every stream of communications business to meet your specific needs:

First Party Call Center Solutions: IC System provides outsourcing services to function as an extension of your internal call center. Our first-party efforts remain transparent to your customers and include bilingual services.

Third Party Accounts Receivable Management
• Pre charge-off/Pre Collect (first party options available)
• Primary
• Secondary
• Tertiary
• Warehouse
• Final Bill Services

Equipment Recovery Programs: Our programs align with your procedures to ensure your customers can return equipment as efficiently and effectively as possible, and guarantee they get the credit they deserve according to your policies.

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