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All chiropractors rely on prompt payments for their services, but unfortunately, not every customer prioritizes their outstanding bills. If you’re working to maximize your incoming revenue, every payment counts. IC System can provide you with a powerful platform and an experienced team that will transform the way you approach accounts receivable. Instead of devoting time to debt collection tasks such as payment tracking and follow up notices, you can focus on other areas of your business with the help of our chiropractic debt collection agency.

We offer two main types of services for our customers:

Recovery Plus: Two-Phase Flat Fee Collections

Premier Collect: Intensive Contingency Collections

No matter which service you select for your business, you’re sure to see a change in the way customers respond to your billing efforts. Easily view all of your customer information on one convenient platform, and rely on our accounts receivable experts to streamline your customer billing processes. With IC System, accounts receivable is something you rarely need to think about. Our services work in the background and it’s easy to check in on customers’ account information at any time.

Get Paid Faster

You can use your existing practice management software with our debt collection platform. This means there is no need to make drastic process changes when implementing IC System solutions at your business. Our cloud-based application makes it easy to:

Automatically Send Debts • Keep Patient Data in One Place • Simplify Debt Collection Processes
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Why IC System

A unique IC System advantage is our experience working with chiropractors. Whether you are part of a large practice or you’re the only employee in your clinic, we understand how to get the best results for your revenue.

Patient relationships are important to chiropractors, so we always treat your patients with the respect they deserve at every point of contact. Our goal is to help you receive prompt payments without using tactics that burn bridges. Other advantages for chiropractors include:

Chiropractic Association Discounts

If you’re part of a trade organization in the chiropractic industry, you may be able to take advantage of special discounts for IC System services. Our endorsed collection partnership program could save your business money, so see if your organization is eligible for these benefits.


You are never left in the dark when you choose IC System. Our chiropractic debt collection services feature an easy-to-use platform that gives you the ability to check account statuses, reports and statements at any time. Learn more.

Nationally Licensed Experts

When a patient leaves the state, tracking them down for a payment can be difficult without the right credentials. IC System has a national licensure, so no matter where your customers move in the US, we will continue to track them down for payment requests.

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Improve your financial outcomes with IC System’s Chiropractic Debt Collection Services.

What Our Clients Think

I like that IC System isn't just a collection agency. It continues to educate its clients by hosting monthly webinars.


Anthony P Terrasse MD

The best thing I like about IC System is the capability of being totally electronic. Due to the enormous amount of patient accounts that we send to IC system every week, the only effective way of transmitting this data is via website. We also post all of our payments online. It is a rare occasion that we require a call to the IC System office.


Dee L Martinez MD

IC System has made collections a WHOLE LOT easier for us!


Crawford H Cleveland Jr. MD

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