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No matter which industry you work in, it’s essential to make the most of potential revenue. If you serve customers, getting the money you’re owed is never a guarantee. Reaching customers with past due accounts is only half the battle — keeping your accounts receivable database organized is just as important. Needless to say, this can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Rather than devoting endless resources to debt collection, rely on our experienced debt collection agency to help your business recover lost revenue.

Needs of companies vary, so we offer two main service packages to assist a wide range of businesses collection needs:

Recovery Plus: Two-Phase Flat Fee Collections

Premier Collect: Intensive Contingency Collections

Both options simplify business debt collection because they add certainty to your revenue stream. Part of maximizing your incoming revenue is maintaining customer relationships. That’s why we make the most of every point of contact, always treating your customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. With IC System, you get an experienced team that knows what goes into favorable accounts receivable outcomes.

Speed Up Accounts Receivable

When you put IC System to work, you no longer need to worry about keeping track of customer accounts, reaching out to customers with past-due payments, and following up if they’re unresponsive.

Send debts automatically • Organize consumer data • Reduce time & effort • Streamline revenue
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IC System Advantages

We work with clients in a wide range of industries, and our versatility allows us to create a customer communications strategy that makes sense for your business. Learn how IC System listens to feedback from consumers to ensure consumer satisfaction.

There are many components of our business debt collection services, and we work closely with our clients to provide the following types of support:

Industry Association Discounts

If your business is part of an industry trade association, you may benefit with special discounts for our services. Take a look to see if your organization qualifies for this endorsed collection partnership program.


Managing accounts receivable data requires specialized tools that enhance your level of control. With our online platform, you can look up accounts, view statements and much more.

Nationally Licensed Experts

State lines shouldn’t stand between your business and collections. With IC System, you can rely on our national licensure for continued debt collection efforts, even when customers move out of the state.

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What Our Clients Think

I love how IC System is quick to respond to my questions. I love how careful and precise they are to work on each account that we send to them.


Marshall's Furniture & Appliance, LLC

IC System has been very helpful to our office. In addition to being a great collection agency, they have helped us in many other ways. One example was when we started billing finance charges after 90 days. They were able to inform us of how to let our patients know, what we needed to include in our patient information packets and the amount we could bill for our state. Without their help, we could have been in a lot of hot water! It is nice to call a company in this day and age and actually speak with a live person. To have that person be knowledgeable, and share the knowledge in a friendly manner is EXCELLENT. Thank you so much for all your attention to our accounts.


Linda Park DDS PLC

What I like best about IC System is that it takes the stress off of the collection process allowing us time to do our other work.


Cornerstone Insurance Agency

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