How Do I Settle My IC System Account? 

A woman is reading a letter and holding her phone

If you receive a letter or call from IC System, you might be asking yourself, “How do I settle my IC System account?” Whenever someone gets a letter from a collection agency, there are a lot of questions. Here are a few things to consider that might make your experience with IC System and resolving

What to Do When You Receive a Collection Notice?

When you open your mail and find a letter reading “Balance Due” and “We are a debt collector attempting to collect a debt,” it’s not a good feeling. No one likes to be in collections or receive a collection notice. But it’s important not to panic or take it personally. Collection notices are a normal

IC System is Calling Me. What Should I Do?

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When we receive a call from a collection agency, emotions tend to get the best of us. There’s a sense of urgency to find out who’s calling and why, and then get the matter resolved. But sometimes collection agency protocols can make a collection call frustrating or annoying—especially when all you want to know is

What a Collection Agency Can, and CAN’T, Do!

Getting a collection call or letter from a collection agency can be stressful. But knowing what a collection agency can and can’t do when attempting to collect your debt can help you prepare. Collection Agency Regulators A few different government institutions and legal provisions monitor the collection industry. Foremost, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

How to Dispute an IC System Claim on Your Credit Report

Having a past-due account on your credit report can affect your financial health and prevent you from getting approved for credit. Whether the account, or tradeline, is accurate or was mistakenly reported, it’s important to address the issue right away. So when you find a negative claim on your credit report, it’s important to investigate to

IC System is on my credit report. What should I do?

Have a question? Call 866-628-7811 for a medical account or 800-279-7244 for all other inquiries.  If IC System appears on your credit report as a negative tradeline, you may have a past-due bill, or it may be an error. Our company sometimes credit reports past-accounts; this might appear as a negative tradeline (or credit account) on your

Why is a collection agency asking me for my information?

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When talking to a collection agency by phone, whether they called you or you called them, it always begins with the collection agency asking a couple of questions: “Who am I speaking to?” And then, “Can you verify your address?” These two questions can raise all kinds of red flags, especially when the collection agency called you. Many