Helpful Videos to Assist Your Staff

IC System provides a series of webinars on a wide array of subjects. Each is designed to help your office establish the best accounts receivable practices at your front desk, in the back office, and with your outsourcing partners. All webinars are provided for FREE after you create a profile on BrightTALK.com (be sure to visit the IC System Channel on BrightTALK when you sign up!).

In the meantime, check out the samples below from our popular Collections Tips in 10 Minutes series! 

How to Resolve Customer Conflict

In this installment of Collection Tips in 10 Minutes, we focus on the importance of good customer service, while also giving your valuable tips on how to diffuse customer conflict.

These are incredibly valuable skills to develop and maintain your customer relationships, as well as provide stability to your office.


Financial Policy Dos and Don’ts

Having a detailed financial policy that covers all your legal bases is an essential component to running an office. This webinar explores why financial policies are so important, the risks of an improperly written financial policy, and provides several questions you should be asking about your existing financial policy.

Help protect your office from unforeseen legal trouble and ensure your financial policy is up to legal standards today!

Customer Care Negotiating

Talking with a customer about making a payment on a past-due account is difficult. It can be awkward and uncomfortable for everyone.

But if you follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in this webinar, your discussion will be a lot more productive and ensure follow-up from both parties.

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