Get Credit Information, Instantly.

Make smarter business decisions with more information, provided by InstiCredit®. Now you can extend credit or make important employment decisions with the risk-based financing information you need.

InstiCredit® provides a secure interface with access to consumer and business credit reports for lenders, landlords and employers.

How It Works

Before you extend credit, decide on a new business partner, or make important employment decisions, obtain a credit report or perform a social security search to review essential information.
IC System’s access to national credit reporting agencies will allow you to make business decisions quickly and economically.

Number 1

Quick & Easy Setup

Our InstiCredit® service requires an on-site inspection[1] by a third-party to ensure sensitive credit information will be stored in a safe, secure area.

Our InstiCredit® Consultant will then provide you with secure online access, walk you through the use of the system, and remain your point of contact to answer any questions you may have.

To use InstiCredit®, you must have a permissible purpose under the Fair Credit Reporting Act[2]  to obtain a credit profile.  Once you have established a permissible purpose, you may obtain profiles on individuals or businesses to determine whether to grant credit or to assist in collection efforts. You may also obtain profiles for employment purposes after certifying compliance with the law.

[1] The on-site inspection requires a one-time fee of $75.
[2] 15 U.S.C. §1681b

Number 2

Pull Only the Reports You Need

InstiCredit® Service Fees:

  • Consumer Credit Report: $10.00
  • Consumer Credit Report, with FICO Classic Risk Score: $12.00
  • Consumer Credit Report, with FICO Classic Risk & BA Score: $14.00
  • Any Consumer Credit Report (No Record Found): $5.00
  • Employment Report: $12.00
  • Employment Report (No Record Found): $6.00
  • Commercial Credit Report $44.00
  • Business Score or Intelliscore only: $29.00

Get Started

Make smarter business decisions with InstiCredit® Services.

Get Access

InstiCredit® grants you access to a secure interface with access to consumer and business reports.

  • Determine credit risk before extending credit
  • Assess risk before leasing to tenants with our landlord credit reporting service
  • Perform a credit check for employment purposes
  • Locate new address and phone numbers to reach your customers for internal collections
  • Pull credit reports for clients with less hassle
  • Review results securely through our Online Tools

The Fine Print

To protect your office and ours, we cannot provide profiles on you, your current employees, and your current customers. Our agreement with the credit reporting agencies does not allow us to offer InstiCredit® profiles to attorneys, bail bond companies, credit repair agencies or investigative companies.

Please consult with legal counsel if you intend to take adverse action based in whole or in part on information in an individual’s credit profile to ensure compliance with the FCRA’s notice requirements.

Credit reports can only be requested through our online service. See the rates section above for details.

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