athenahealth-preview-IC System

IC System, a leader in the healthcare accounts receivable industry, has partnered with eClinicalWorks, a trailblazer in healthcare technology solutions, to offer medical care providers a modern and efficient collection solution. Users of the eClinicalWorks practice management system can now automatically connect their account to IC System. The new partnership will save providers time and […]


A bad collection experience can easily bruise the relationship between the patient and a healthcare or dental provider if the wrong approach is used by the provider’s collection agency. IC System approaches every call with the consumer experience in mind, with the full understanding that our patient financial representatives are calling on behalf of our clients. […]

physician-staffing-IC System

In recent years, hospitals have turned to physician staffing companies to fill empty shifts for emergency services. But recent reports raise the possibility this arrangement does more harm than good when it comes to improving patient experience as well as recovering patient receivables. Hospitals turn to physician staffing companies because it eliminates the need to […]

insurance-payers-IC System

Keeping accounts receivable days to an acceptable level is a challenge for any medical practice management system, especially when the source of excess days comes from the insurance companies. If your billing department can single out payers that are racking up 90 A/R days or more, that can have a cascading effect on your cash flow, especially if the […]

HIS conversion-IC System

Healthcare organizations of all sizes face a series of challenges and risks by replacing their legacy systems with a more efficient health information system (HIS). For everyone from independent physicians to major hospital systems, healthcare offices across the country must address a similar problem: How do you advance the HIS conversion in an efficient way? […]

legacy-systems-IC System

In every hospital, a major system upgrade comes along about every decade or so. What’s driving this generation of updates to a comprehensive hospital information system (HIS) are mandates to keep electronic records and other federal regulatory requirements that need to be met. With this major upgrade also comes an exciting new era for patient-focused care. These new […]

price-transparency-IC System

Physicians and other healthcare providers want the same thing for their patients: better outcomes and a higher quality of life. To many patients, cost is a barrier to accessing that quality care. And when they do seek it, high bills can undermine their trust in their physician. In 2008, an extensive survey by the NIH showed that […]

Value-based-healthcare-IC System

Value-based healthcare seems to be in a holding pattern, thanks to shifts in healthcare policy in Washington. At the same time, many physicians and healthcare executives expect this idea to one day become reality. Even if the change is slow. Some 82 percent of 450 physicians and health plan executives surveyed expect the transition to value-based […]

patient-billing-disputes-IC System

Over the past decade, you may have noticed your patients are becoming much more aware and savvy when it comes to this aspect of their healthcare: what it says on the bill. More Americans do have health insurance, but they are also responsible for paying deductibles that can add up to several thousand dollars a year. That […]

write off patient balances-IC System

Has a bill ever arrived in your mailbox with a balance so small, it was laughable? There are myriad reasons behind the balances on the books, which is why well-managed practices establish a hierarchy and create procedures. It’s important to bring clarity to which past-due accounts need pursuing, and when you should write off patient balances. Moreover, […]