skip-tracing-techniques-IC System

How do you track down a patient who owes money but has disappeared? The bill comes back in the mail, the phone number is disconnected, and the work contact they provided has never heard of them. When this happens, it’s disheartening to face the possibility that your dental practice may not get paid in full. The good […]

cash-flow-strategies-IC System

Effective cash flow strategies are the lifeblood of any business, and that’s especially true for a small business. But it doesn’t always flow into your coffers in an even and orderly fashion. On a graph, revenues have ups and downs, just like a roller coaster. That forces many entrepreneurs to rely on various forms of credit, […]

insurance-payers-IC System

Keeping accounts receivable days to an acceptable level is a challenge for any medical practice management system, especially when the source of excess days comes from the insurance companies. If your billing department can single out payers that are racking up 90 A/R days or more, that can have a cascading effect on your cash flow, especially if the […]

dental-automation-IC System

In the coming year, many dental practices have big changes planned. According to a survey of more than 2,000 healthcare providers, a vast majority will rely on automation for some areas of their revenue cycle management, a move that can speed up payment and increase cash flow. These upgrades, according to the Black Book’s 2017 […]