request for proposal-IC System

In my years as a proposal writer, I’ve responded on behalf of big Fortune 500 companies and smaller, family-owned operations. And as a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, I’ve attended the industry seminars and commiserated with my fellow proposal writers. I’ve learned a few things from my time in the trenches, and […]

government-collection-agency-IC System

It is an unfortunate reality that some of your constituents will fail to pay for their services or taxes in a timely manner. At a certain point, you will want to retain the services of a debt collection partner to assist in realizing payments on these delinquent accounts. When the time comes to choose a […]

HIS conversion-IC System

Healthcare organizations of all sizes face a series of challenges and risks by replacing their legacy systems with a more efficient health information system (HIS). For everyone from independent physicians to major hospital systems, healthcare offices across the country must address a similar problem: How do you advance the HIS conversion in an efficient way? […]

legacy-systems-IC System

In every hospital, a major system upgrade comes along about every decade or so. What’s driving this generation of updates to a comprehensive hospital information system (HIS) are mandates to keep electronic records and other federal regulatory requirements that need to be met. With this major upgrade also comes an exciting new era for patient-focused care. These new […]

phone-scams-IC System

When it’s time to telephone consumers to settle a late bill, it’s important to understand the new reality people are living in: Phone scams are becoming more and more prevalent. Even though it’s highly unlikely that scammers are out there impersonating your office, consumers might have their guard up when they hear from you about […]

2018-Hot-Chocolate-Run-1-IC System

Volunteers from IC System and our charity group, ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization), volunteered for the 2018 Hot Chocolate Run 15k/5k on April 14. Runners started and finished in Boom Island Park in Minneapolis, and then afterward celebrated with some chocolate fondue and other goodies. Sponsored by Allstate, the proceeds for the charitable run were donated to the […]

dental-office-payment-options-IC System

Here’s something you may not realize about Americans: We’re still pretty attached to paper checks, and your dental practice is probably no exception, even if credit card payments are still accepted at the front desk. Still, it’s pretty clear the paper check is on its way out. In one decade, the trusty check has gone from the most […]

price-transparency-IC System

Physicians and other healthcare providers want the same thing for their patients: better outcomes and a higher quality of life. To many patients, cost is a barrier to accessing that quality care. And when they do seek it, high bills can undermine their trust in their physician. In 2008, an extensive survey by the NIH showed that […]