dental practice debt collector-IC System

For the dental practice’s office manager, cash flow is the name of the game. That means a key part of your role is collecting payment from patients, and that takes a great deal of time and resources. In many ways, a dental practice debt collector is an office manager’s best friend, because it frees up time to […]

healthcare-billing-strategy-IC System

As a healthcare provider, you want to keep everyone’s focus on what matters most: restoring health and helping patients have their best possible lives. When bills become past due, it’s a tricky balance between using your time well and staying sensitive to the pressures in your patient’s life, without destroying your cash flow or your reputation in the […]

Bankruptcies-Signal-Fiscal-Health-IC System

Bankruptcies among municipalities aren’t something you hear about every day. But since January 1, 2010, more than 60 cities and other U.S. municipalities have filed for bankruptcy according to Among the largest of these bankruptcies is Detroit, which filed bankruptcy in 2013. Historically, other major cities and counties have filed bankruptcy as well, including […]

small business credit reporting-IC System

Late this summer, Equifax rocked the news headline cycle when it came out that hackers made off with the Social Security numbers of a whopping 145 million consumers, along with their names and dates of birth. That means nearly half the U.S. population is touched by this security breach, making it easier for criminals to […]