small-business-debt-collection-IC System

In small business debt collection, the golden rule to motivating late customers to get current with their payments is persistence. Phone calls and reminder notices should be a part of every small business’s billing procedures, even if it’s not time yet to turn over the accounts to a collection partner. It’s important to bring balance to the […]

practice-checklist-IC System

Each day, your practice is there to help patients take stock of their health and create a plan to get healthier. But how often do you step back and give your practice a good checkup? The end of the year is a natural time to look back on the past 12 months and take stock. Don’t […]

Personal-Income-Growth-Rates-IC System

Tracking the rise and fall of personal income levels sheds a light not only on you and your family’s economic status, but it also allows state governments to follow economic developments. Personal income levels consist of an individual’s wages, as well earnings from investments, and benefits from your employer or the government. Personal income data […]

healthcare-accounts-receivable-days-IC System

Those in the healthcare field know very well how numbers serve as key indicators of a patient’s health. When one of the key measurements is out of whack, it’s not proof of an underlying cause, but it’s a starting point in finding the root of illness and disease. The same is true for your practice’s financials. Having […]

wbl_food_shelf-IC System

When the leaves start to change and the autumn season rolls around, that means it’s time for the Fall Fundraiser at IC System. Our company’s charitable group ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization) leads several days of games and events to gather employee donations for local charities and families in need. No other game or activity […]

patient bankruptcy-IC System

Patient bankruptcies in the healthcare industry, as a whole, are on a downward trend. In 2016, the rate had fallen by half compared to those filed just six years before. Still, it’s important for any practice or clinic to take time to consider the legal and ethical implications that come with working with a patient who has filed. Now’s the […]

dental-office-collection-plan-IC System

Just as it’s satisfying to remove dental plaque, it would be ideal to completely zero-out the account receivables column in your books. Since that’s unrealistic, the next best thing is to prevent the account receivables from accumulating to the point that the practice finds itself in the midst of a cash shortage. One easy way to […]