billing patients-IC System

In the era of the high-deductible health plan, boosting payments can seem like a tall order for clinics as they’re billing patients. One way clinics and practices can help patients deal with the realities of their higher healthcare costs is to adapt and learn from the changes some hospitals have made to their billing systems. […]

rainy_day_funds-IC System

When people have to tap into their rainy day fund, it’s to account for surprise expenses. Sometimes we have to fix the furnace when it breaks down, pay for Junior’s field trip, or pay for a vet bill when the dog swallows a sock. Governments have rainy day funds for the same reasons, albeit on […]

plan for collections-IC System

Most customers and clients do the right thing and offer payment for the goods and services they’ve received. Unfortunately, there are always some who put you off or fail to pay altogether. If your accounts receivables are getting too high, perhaps it’s time for a hard look at your financial system, and even plan for collections work on your […]

small business owners accounts receivable-IC System

One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is having to do it all yourself. For small business owners accounts receivable can be a bear. There are sales, marketing, HR, strategic planning, budgeting, accounting, inventory, shipping. In some ways, you know more than your larger counterparts! Adding to the challenge of mastering these many skills […]

investigate insurance company takebacks-IC System

Accuracy and due diligence in accounts receivable management is key to any management of a practice or clinic. Still, unexpected setbacks will mar even the most flawless system, disrupting projections and cash flow. One of these is a tactic used to boost profits known as insurance company takebacks or recoupments. What happens is after the […]