financial conversations

Revenue. In the end, it always comes down to revenue—even in matters as important as one’s oral health. Experienced dentists know this, and that leads dentists handling financial conversations with their patients delicately. Chances are good that you’ve had a few tough conversations already, and you may have more in the future. To help ensure […]

IC System named a top workplace by the star tribune

IC System was named one of Minnesota’s top places to work by the Minneapolis Star Tribune! The Star Tribune made the 2017 Top Workplace announcement on June 21, having based their results on an employee feedback survey conducted by WorkplaceDynamics, an independent company that specializes in employee engagement and retention. Founded in 1938, IC System […]

healthcare bill confusion-IC System

It’s not just the insurance companies that are slow to pay—it’s also the patients. Nearly a quarter of healthcare providers say that slow-paying patients are a “significant challenge.” At least one underlying cause comes to mind: higher deductible plans. According to one survey, 39.4 percent of American patients don’t pay right away because they want […]

red cross blood drive 2017-IC System

When a long Winnebago-style vehicle called the “Bloodmobile” pulls up to your office building, tensions seem high until everyone realizes that, no, it’s not a vampire transport—it’s actually just the Red Cross, and they’re here to collect donations. Twice a year, IC System’s charity group ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization) asks for volunteers throughout our […]

price transparency at the doctor's office-IC System

One possible path to boosting revenues and reducing accounts receivables borrows a page from an unlikely place: the price transparency found in plastic surgeon marketing. Because of the elective nature of plastic surgery, this resembles a competitive market. That is, these are medical professionals who deal with patients who have to pay out of pocket. […]

thinking about collection agencies-IC System

When customers fail to pay for the services or products you provided, at some point, you’ll need assistance from a debt collection partner. But this is so much more than just a simple transaction. This is a situation with a great deal of responsibility for both your business and the collection partner. If your third-party […]