Proper billing and understanding of billing codes are key to keeping your practice afloat. All it takes is one wrong digit in a patient’s Social Security number for the insurance company to deny the claim, which only delays revenue to you. While accuracy is important, the concept goes well beyond a reduction in data entry […]


Collection fees can help offices offset the costs related to delinquent payments, but offices should take great care before applying them. On the one hand, these fees offset the tremendous cost of collecting payment from consumers with outstanding debt. On the other, the fees can run afoul of state regulators, judges, attorneys and others. When […]


Feedback is information or reactions to a product or a person’s performance of a task. It’s used as a basis for improvement. So why is it so hard to receive it? The sole purpose is to produce improvement. First, I think we need to stop viewing feedback as positive or negative. Feedback is simply feedback. […]

Collection advice

It’s always a best practice for a clinic to have policies and procedures for their accounts receivables. To make sure yours line up with current rules, laws, and regulations, it’s smart to consult with a professional for collection advice. Here are some basics: Phone calls Picking up the phone and calling the past-due patient early on can […]