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Carolinas Testimonial:

Dr. Claudine Siegert

“Thanks for your help in helping our patients pay their accounts. When placing calls to I.C. System I have received courteous, speedy responses.  Knowledgeable people answer my questions in a professional manner.   The website is very user-friendly, too!”
Asheville, NC

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I.C. System has been an innovative North Carolina debt collection agency for decades. We have functioned as a family-owned and operated debt recovery company since 1938, topping the list of North Carolina collection agencies.  We are committed to providing great service to our clients, focusing on ethical and honest service to produce remarkable results.  Whether you are Raleigh or Charlotte, I.C. System will deliver the best North Carolina debt collection results it could want.

We work with a variety of businesses, including medical and dental clinics, healthcare providers, chiropractic firms, and more to ensure fair and timely debt collection North Carolina can count on. We know, understand, and are fully compliant with North Carolina collection laws.  Our client-centered service, combined with our experienced, professional consultants guarantee strategies to increase your returns and exceed the results of any other debt collection agency North Carolina has to offer.

As the most effective collection agency North Carolina works with, I.C. System will create a debt collection system perfectly tailored for your business’s needs, building on your existing resources and developing stronger relationships between you and your clients.

North Carolina has the tenth largest state population in the United States and is quickly growing due to the massive progress in their major industries like aviation, biopharmaceuticals, and information technology.  North Carolina has adopted the slogan of “creativity means business,” fueling innovation and discovery across the state, including the historical Wright Brothers’ first moments of flight in 1903.

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